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Purpose of this Website:

An avenue to display the full spectrum of Stephanie Spanjian’s work. Stephanie has many talents/skills to offer: software, web, graphic design3D CAD, and fine art and the whole spectrum in between.  The creativity is always flowing and the analytical mind sharp.

Proactive professional combining expertise in diverse array of software and creative media tools with project management skills that capture outstanding functional results. Delivering a record of adaptability to achieve mastery of new languages and platforms whenever required and meld approaches to achieve innovation.

Offering a blend of software and artistic talents honed in front-line engagements with start-ups and mature firms. Conceiving and developing technical tools to ease complex jobs with proven impact in team and solo roles. 10+ years’ engagement with 3D design suites and trends; experienced in traditional and technical artistic media.

Converter Prototype for 3DS Experience Platform Utilizing C# .NET, XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, WebGL, X3D, X3DOM

Prototype for 3DS Experience platform utilizing xhtml, CSS, javascript, jQuery, WebGL, X3D for use with Dassault Systemes' SolidWorks and CATIA

Prototype for 3DS Experience platform utilizing xhtml, CSS, javascript, jQuery, WebGL, X3D for use with Dassault Systemes’ SolidWorks and CATIA

For live version demo, click here.

Objective of the converter prototype: An installed app or plugin to fill a specific client need to click a button to convert and open a 3D model from CATIA or SolidWorks format and interface into an x3d format and WebGL enabled browser as part of the 3DS Experience Platform. Using my unique UX skills with Adobe Creative Suite and .NET to give a look and feel similar to our native software products

CATIA and SolidWorks can export as VRML file, but since the customer need to open files via web and especially mobile devices increases daily and my unique skill set, Peter and I initiated this prototype research project. This project brought an exciting feature to the 3DS Experience platform. The objective was to prototype opening a 3D model via browser using technologies such as WebGL, x3d, CATIA & SolidWorks VRML file export feature as well as my unique design skills with Adobe Creative Suite to give a look and feel similar to our native software products. This converter is an app or plugin created in C# .NET to be installed into CATIA/SolidWorks that is triggered by pushing a button to take the VRML file from the exporter functionality, converts it to X3D, which is readable via WebGL in WebGL enabled browser and display an interactive 3D model in an environment quite similar to our native software look and feel. Once the browser has opened the file, the user can hit the play button on our 3DS compass at the top to play through the defined Viewpoints in the file, translate, rotate, zoom, walk, etc. as if in 3D software. I researched all the technologies in depth to find the best prototype work flow: C# .NET, WebGL, X3D, html 5, CSS 3, JavaScript, jQuery, etc. The teams involved were delighted at the application because the clean, engaging and useful user experience functionality, the speed in which the project was completed, and more importantly what this meant for the future apps possible for our 3DS user experience platform. If there is no link to the project you should download a WebGL enabled browser such as Chrome.


Dassault Systemes; Woodland Hills, CA                                                                                                            (contract-permanent) 2007–2013

A world leader in 3D experience, project lifecycle management for 3D product design, simulation, testing, and artistic applications. ~8k employees.

Senior UX Business Application Developer  – Member of DSx.Client Sales WW IS 

As member of global DSx.Client Sales team based out of Paris headquarters, analyze requirements, understand objectives, define use cases, and design solutions to meet needs of cross-functional units and stakeholders throughout the enterprise. Use French extensively in meetings with executives at HQ. 

  • §  Honored with “Dassault Systèmes Business Forward Award” and Oracle’s version for use of web services in Oracle CRM. 
  • §  Developed Site Team Manager solution, enhancing coordination and efficiency across multiple sites with a new multithreaded Windows application used to administer site teams through Oracle CRM web services. 

Develop, test, and implement complex solutions expanding Oracle on Demand CRM administration with enhanced workflows, AJAX widgets, role management, and reporting tailored to the needs of an advanced cloud-based system. Design external Windows, console, and web applications in PHP, C# and ASP.NET with Visual Studio and Adobe Dreamweaver to utilize Oracle on Demand web services to ETL data. 

  • §  Spearheaded use of external systems to consume web services to manipulate the data in the Oracle on Demand system, efficiently meeting business needs and remaining architect of the data systems. 
  • §  Managed all enhancements of external applications, ETLs, and cloud-level administration for annual business rules restructuring while ensuring functionality when implemented in enterprise systems. 

As sole data architect for the portfolio of external applications and all testing and enhancement, currently upgrading software for compatibility with WebSphere Cast Iron cloud integration platform. Manage ongoing integration between legacy sales portal websites in ColdFusion, SQL, JavaScript, and HTML using Adobe Dreamweaver. 

  • §  Trained 2 co-workers in the consumption and conversion of diverse web service data to transmit information to other enterprise systems, such as PeopleSoft modules, and to the data warehouse. 
  • §  Catalyzed the company’s first-ever strategic snapshot of KPIs and sales performance through a new data warehouse interface, allowing executives to view sales trends in CRM and streamline processes.

Graphic Design, Magazine Layout, Journalism and Photography

Table of Contents on LA HOT Magazine Issue #2

Table of Contents on LA HOT Magazine Issue #2Note from the Editor LA HOT Magazine Issue #2
Note from the Editor LA HOT Magazine Issue #2

In vU LA HOT Magazine Issue #2
In vU LA HOT Magazine Issue #2Wanderlust Anthony Fiorin Ashley Roberts LA HOT Magazine Issue #2Wanderlust Anthony Fiorin Ashley Roberts LA HOT Magazine Issue #2

All Things Deep and Shallow Jimmy Pollack LA HOT Magazine Issue #2
All Things Deep and Shallow Jimmy Pollack LA HOT Magazine Issue #2

Mobile: Phone and Tablet Apps

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Advertising, Producing, Script Writing

I wrote and produced this advertisement for LA HOT Magazine, LLC.

Journalism, Video Editing

My Photography is Blossoming – Thanks to a Session with Nikos Vasilakis

I first fell in love with Nikos Vasilakis’s photography on DeviantArt. After messaging him I realized he is as sweet as he is talented. What an amazing artist and person! So amazing in fact, that on my next trip to Europe I was determined to take a detour to Athens for a lesson or at least to meet him and soak in some Nikos genius.

The photo that caught my eye in the beginning was with the lovely Christina Zafeiriou so I was very excited to work with both of them in my very own hotel room. What an opportunity, one that I highly recommend. He is available for portrait photography and photo retouching and for lessons of either at

Here you can see the fruits of this collaboration : Christina Zafeiriou. I was the photographer and did all the post-production. Nikos showed me so much in this photo shoot, that I will be forever grateful. Thank you Nikos! See you soon at your workshop in LA very soon.

Music Video? Website

MusicVideo? Website Screenshot

MusicVideo? Website Screenshot

The manager of the band Music Video? hired me to create an admin random number generator web application to create sets of stored random numbers to put onto their music releases. These codes were entered by the users into a page on the LAMP website to gain access to the VIP rewards. I wrote a web widget in html, JavaScript, and PHP using a MySQL database that generated batches of random numbers to be printed onto the music releases none of which were to be duplicated which is why the records were kept in the database.