Stephanie Spanjian Loves Commissions:

She loves to learn about the person/couple/family/business by visiting where the pieces(s) will be, spending time with the client(s), and throwing ideas around with them. Whether it is a simple concept like “I want something like this one here except in blue” or something open-ended like “I want something that reflects a new beginning for me”, she loves the whole process! Worry not if it’s different than her usual style because pushing herself is how she grows as an artist, so push away.

Stephanie will estimate the cost and accept half to begin the process. She will keep creating until the customer is satisified with piece(s). Only when completely satisified, will the customer take it home/get it delivered. If they are never satisfied, which has not happened yet, they don’t have to pay the second half of payment or take it home.

Never hesitate to ask about a commission. Nobody has ever been dissatisfied~

“I love this piece. A couple of friends of mine wanted something teal for their home. Never thought I could use teal but that is exactly why I love commissions! I love/need to be pushed! You can’t tell but there is a touch of gold that catches your eye as you walk by. *dreamy*” ~Stephanie Spanjian

Another example: Stephanie’s friends’ San Francisco condo:

“Friends I’ve had for years wanted a triptych for their San Francisco condo that connected the two styles I was working on at the time: gritty rough texturizing with a smooth flowing style. I made several pieces and had them choose the three that worked for them. They ended up choosing the ones that I hadn’t even finished yet as the rough pieces but you never know what people like so I always let people see the whole gamut and let them choose.” ~Stephanie

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