My Photography is Blossoming – Thanks to a Session with Nikos Vasilakis

I first fell in love with Nikos Vasilakis’s photography on DeviantArt. After messaging him I realized he is as sweet as he is talented. What an amazing artist and person! So amazing in fact, that on my next trip to Europe I was determined to take a detour to Athens for a lesson or at least to meet him and soak in some Nikos genius.

The photo that caught my eye in the beginning was with the lovely Christina Zafeiriou so I was very excited to work with both of them in my very own hotel room. What an opportunity, one that I highly recommend. He is available for portrait photography and photo retouching and for lessons of either at

Here you can see the fruits of this collaboration : Christina Zafeiriou. I was the photographer and did all the post-production. Nikos showed me so much in this photo shoot, that I will be forever grateful. Thank you Nikos! See you soon at your workshop in LA very soon.

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